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    Roof Restoration Perth WA has a reputation built on experience, having been in the business for years.

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Don’t worry, though. Instead, call Roof Restoration Perth WA, and we’ll get right on the job and give it a repair or restoration job that’ll make it shine.


Roof restoration Perth specialists! We have all the right licenses. SAI Global, MBA, Painters Registration Board, and HIA. Our teams are accredited and we guarantee high-quality work.

Everything we do and touch adheres to the highest international standards. You don’t have to worry about your furniture, whether interior or exterior.

We not only clean your roof as we work, but we also cover anything if there is a risk of debris.

Any furniture you’d prefer – or can’t be moved – will be protected, so any debris that comes from our work won’t damage your belongings.

Roof Restoration Perth WA is based in Perth, but can operate anywhere in Western Australia.

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Roof Restoration Perth WA has a reputation built on experience, having been in the business for years. Our roof restoration and repair teams have decades of experience between them, having worked in various sites in metropolitan Perth and all over Western Australia.

If you’re looking for a roofing company that uses only the highest-quality materials and can handle anything you ask them to do, then your search is over because we can handle all that. Our workmanship and materials are both of the highest quality. Our sheets and tiles use the latest technologies and techniques, so they have superior longevity. We use technically superior roof paints and coats, to guarantee endurance and long-term aesthetic quality.

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Roof Restoration Perth WA advises its potential clients to get repairs for their roof when signs of trouble emerge.

Roof Restoration Perth WA focuses on quality of service. Don’t hesitate to call us and ask about what we can do for you. Whether it’s applying new coatings to a rooftop in Perth, doing a restoration on a classic home, or doing repairs anywhere in Western Australia, we can handle the job.

Call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll arrive at a time of your convenience. Our experience also gives us expertise on how to prepare, restore, or clean a roof to secure it against the harshest weather in the region.

Call us now or use our online contact form and get a free quote for our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

“Should I get a restoration done?”

Homeowners often ask us if it’d be worth it to get a tile roof restoration. The procedure is expensive, after all. Realistically, a good tile roof restoration can extend the lifespan of a roof by decades. Pushing the process down the road just causes an increase in the cost when you finally give it a go.

“How long does the average tile roof restoration take?”

If you have experts and professionals like us, the process is faster. However, like Rome, a tile roof restoration isn’t over in a day. Roof guttering will usually take a day or two. Leaf screening is another two days. Repointing and rebidding can take anywhere from a day to three days.

“How do I know I need a restoration?”

The best answer to this is “Hire an expert.” There are signs you can look for, but the best way to see if you need tile roof restoration is to have an expert look at the situation. While you can identify the obvious issues, an expert can spot signs that will slip by an untrained eye.


We have worked on all types of roof restoration and repair projects from single-story to double-story, both in tile, color bond and a many more.

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