Roof restoration is part science and part art, and our professionals are quite good at both. We take good care of your roof and our general procedure for any roof restoration job is below.

Here’s a quick look at how we do things for our clients in Perth, or anywhere else in Western Australia

  • Roof Restoration Perth WA starts with finding the roof leaks and sealing them, to prevent further damage.
  • We cover skylights, solar panels, and similar items for protection.
  • Our next step in roof restoration is the replacement of any broken tiles and lead flashings, such as those around vent pipes or solar panels.
  • We also clean out or adjust valley irons, as needed. However, they might need replacement if there’s too much rust on them already.
  • We use high-pressure water to clean the surface. This step removes dirt, moss, and oxidization, as well as gives a fresh base to work from for the coating process.
  • Repointing or adjusting of hip caps, with the colors chosen to match the acrylic-based pointing.
  • Debris is cleaned off, gutters and downpipes flushed and cleared.
  • We use a surface sterilizer over moss-susceptible areas.
  • Finally, we also do the removal of debris from the restoration work in the vicinity.

Naturally, depending on the nature of the repair and the roof in question, Roof Restoration Perth WA will insert or remove certain steps. We do this to ensure that you are getting the best possible service and one designed to accommodate your needs and requests without causing damage.