Roof Painting Perth

Roof Painting perth


Roof painting is more than just applying a coat of point on the top of your home! When painting after tile roof repairs or on shingles, the most common cause is the loss of glaze. The original glazing has faded away or worn off, leaving the structure looking shabby. A good cleaning might be enough to restore it, but most of the time a coat of paint is also required. Tile roof restoration and painting can be a challenge.

tile roof restoration perth,Roof Painting Perth
Ridge capping for such designs might need repair before the painting process can begin. Most of the time, this process involves re-pointing and re-bedding. In the case of re-bedding, that means taking off the cap and placing it back in a new mortar mix. As you can imagine, it can be a little time consuming. Before roof painting, we advise that you get roof guttering and other repairs happen first. After that, give the whole thing a good cleaning. Usually, this will only require a broom, but sometimes a garden hose can help the process along

In cases where the roof is bad, we can also apply roof sealers and primers. By doing this, we can make the surface better for the paint and make sure the colour pops. We will apply plenty of primers to keep it clear, letting the coat sink in and shine. As you can see, there are some considerations in mind when doing roof painting. You also have to factor in materials – does your home have modern roofing and gutters, or is it old materials? Take the confusion out of the equation, and get us to do your roof painting!