Our Testimonial

​Here are just some of the great things our previous customers have said about us!

“Getting the roof painting done by these guys was the best decision I ever made! Now my roof looks positively dazzling and it’s got the perfect colors to go with the rest of the house. Thanks, guys.”

– Kyra Avril

“When I need tile roof restoration or some fixing done, these are the only guys in Perth I’ll call. They’ve never failed me before and they’ve always done awesome work.”

– Brian Porter

“Great job on my roof, guys! I can honestly say it’s never looked better. Actually, I think it looks better now.”

– Dana Thorpe

“I used to worry that roof guttering would be a problem, like it’d be a hassle. All those guys walking on my roof and disturbing me as I work and all.”

– Sarah Blackah

“Perth Roof Restoration comes highly recommended from me!”

– Sam Jones

“Thanks to these guys, I not only got a great roof painting job, but I also avoided making some old water damage on my ceiling even worse. A roof guttering from the PRR crew and it was good as new.”

– Blake Lumley

“But then my roof caved in and I really needed tile roof repairs. Good thing I got these guys to do it. They did a great job and I’ve never been happier. As a plus, I barely noticed all the roof guttering going on while they were working.”

– Terry Miller

“If I ever need modern roofing fixing, I’m calling this crew.”

– Alexandra Barnes

“I used to dread the hassle and trouble that came with getting roof painting or repairs. Not anymore. They went in, did their jobs, and got out with me barely noticing them work. They cleaned up after themselves, too, which is a huge plus in my book.”

– George Morris