Roofing Questions

Roofing Questions

Here at Perth Roof Restoration, we’ve run into a lot of questions. Some of them are strange and unique, arising from odd situations. Others come up regularly, and the answers always the same.

To help our customers, we’ve decided to speed things along by offering answers to some the questions we answer most about roof painting, roof guttering, tile roof repair, and tile roof restoration. We also answer questions about our other services.

“Should I get a restoration done?”

Homeowners often ask us if it’d be worth it to get a tile roof restoration. The procedure is expensive, after all.

Realistically, a good tile roof restoration can extend the lifespan of a roof by decades. Pushing the process down the road just causes an increase in the cost when you finally give it a go.

“How long does the average tile roof restoration take?”

If you have experts and professionals like us, the process is faster. However, like Rome, a tile roof restoration isn’t over in a day.

Roof guttering will usually take a day or two. Leaf screening is another two days. Repointing and rebidding can take anywhere from a day to three days. If we have to replace the roof, that’s anywhere from three to five days.

Of course, these are all estimates and don’t factor in an additional day for installing safety equipment.

“How do I know I need a restoration?”

The best answer to this is “Hire an expert.”

There are signs you can look for, but the best way to see if you need tile roof restoration is to have an expert look at the situation. While you can identify the obvious issues, an expert can spot signs that will slip by an untrained eye.